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" In short for Akrab (Cordial), Santun (Polite) and Mempesona (Enthralling). Asana is the economy category hotel inspired by Aerowisata Hotels & Resorts."

Promo 3M (Menginap, Makan, Main)

" Paket menginap, makan, dan main di hotel-hotel Asana. Harga mulai dari Rp333.000,-/kamar/malam. Pesan sekarang di"

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Selasa Wage

Selasa Wage is a Javanese market day that repeats every 38 days where traders take a day off and work together to clean up. In addition, Malioboro Street is also free of motorized vehicles. For the public and tourists, Tuesday Wage becomes its own agenda to enjoy Malioboro's unique moments by taking pictures or taking part in arts events organized by the Tourism Office and the community.

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